A.T. Still’s Philosophical Foundations in Osteopathy 11/18

A.T. Still’s Philosophical Foundations in Osteopathy

We are very proud to announce that Robert Koss will hold his first course in Switzerland in Heiden.
This is the only course in modern history that will base any and all topics, conversations and demonstrations on Dr. Still’s Osteopathy. That will allow participants to experience the healing power of Osteopathy and the true genius of our founder.

Dr. Koss has had the unique opportunity to assist Robert C. Fulford, D.O., one of the last true Osteopaths, over 10 years with his Percussion Hammer Courses and to continue this work after his passing away.

This will not be a technique course as Dr. Still did not teach technique. This is not a course on symptom presentation or illness treatment for that is Allopathy. This is a course in philosophy and principles of Life. There will be lots of table time to explore these timeless Life healing principles so that the participant will have plenty of skills to bring home and to be able to use them immediately in the clinic.

Further course information and registration can be found in the documents below.

We look forward to your participation.


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